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Are you finally ready to release what no longer serves you in order to live a life you love and deserve.

Consider this journal as your safe and personal haven, a space where you can freely express your thoughts and emotions without any fear of judgment.

Embrace the transformative journey where the power to release and renew resides in your hands. Are you prepared to liberate yourself from the ties of the past, paving the way for a life filled with love and the fulfilment you truly deserve?

This thoughtfully crafted 284 page digital journal is your daily companion, guiding you through prompts tailored to various facets of your life – from love and friendships to family, finances, career, and beyond. 


Divided into four distinct sections and to be completed in no particular order.

Part 1 Unveiling Your Thoughts

Focuses on journalling prompts in key areas of your life. This section aids in releasing pent-up anxiety and stress from within your body, addressing aspects such as love and relationships, friends and family, money and success, forgiveness, your inner child and emotional releases.

Part 2 Mastering ‘The Letting Go Method’

The second part of the journal introduces you to The Letting Go Method, guiding you through a simple 5-step process to effortlessly release stored negative thoughts and emotions within your body.

Part 3 Saying Yes to the Emotions Within

In the journals final segment you are guided through the process of how to say YES to the negative emotions stored within your body. The more we try and ignore these emotions within our bodies, the more we suppress them and the cycle must continue. When we bring love and awareness to these negative thoughts and emotions they are finally able to release themselves. In this method you will learn how to release the negative emotions that are stores within you, allowing the space for the arrival of all the wonders you desire.

Part 4 Conscious Scripting for Manifestation 

Here, we dive into conscious scripting. Respond to each journalling prompt as if you are already embodying the person you wish to become. Conscious scripting serves as a powerful tool by rewiring the neural pathways in our minds to the reality we wish to experience. By writing in the present tense, immersing your mind into the identity of the person you wish to become, you reinforce positive beliefs and bring your aspirations to life.


Are you ready to embark on the journey back to you?  It's time.


Please note: Due to the digital nature of this product, we regret that refunds cannot be provided.

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