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Ready to dive deeper and heal your unconscious money blocks through subconscious reprogramming and breathwork?


Does this sound like you......

  • Avoiding your bank account entirely because it overwhelms you with anxiety.
  • Trying multiple different ways to make more money, starting new businesses, trying digital marketing. You've tried it all but the money never seems to stick around.
  • Declining invites to social events because your finances don't allow it.
  • Feeling hopeless about money and never being able to hang on to it.
  • You KNOW you're meant for the bouji soft life, but something always seems to hold you back no matter how hard you try.
  • You’ve tried all the manifesting techniques and read all the money books but here you still are, checking your bank balance before you step into the grocery store.
  • You feel like money is being blocked from you somehow. 


I can relate because this used to be me too.

Hi, I'm Rebecca. I run multiple online businesses in the product and online fields but up until the beginning of 2023 I was struggling to make ends meet. I was working myself to the bone and trying to keep up with the hustle and grind culture but all it left me with was a big fat plate of burnout and a piping hot cup of depresso!

I felt like I was on a continuous hamster wheel trying to make money but it always slipped through my fingers. The thing is I was a hard worker so it didn't make any sense, it got to the point where I couldn't take it any more so I went on a path of self-discovery. One day whilst down the rabbit hole of me trying to figure out my finances I came across a woman talking about the power our nervous system has on our ability to make money and keep money.

Huh? How can my nervous system dictate how much money I make?

I delved deeper and discovered why all my subconscious programming and manifestation techniques were falling flat. It was because I hadn’t gotten to the root cause of why I was unable to hold onto money and I had a nervous system which was running on survival instead of safety.

You see when it comes to creating the life you desire your autonomic nervous system runs the show. Yes you’ve probably read that your subconscious runs the show but do you know where your subconscious gets it’s information from, you guessed it, your nervous system. You can't change the mind without changing the body first!

Once I learned how to do this and implemented a SPECIFIC daily routine my money problems started to dissipate almost overnight. Suddenly I was easily making 10k plus months profit without seemingly even having to try. Seriously I felt like Neo from the Matrix when he discovers his powers. What was happening!!??

I’d struggled for years with my finances and all of a sudden my businesses were doing exceptionally well?

Turns out it wasn’t “a bad time to start a business” or the market wasn’t too saturated, it was just me, my unconscious money blocks and a nervous system that was stuck in survival.

So how did I change my money story?

Well I got to the root cause of my money issues and reset the money set point in my body using neural reprogramming, somatic breath work and moving and working with my body in specific ways.

Whats crazy is that anyone can do this!

I don’t care if you’re 25 or 55 you can change the way your mind and body feels about money at any stage of your life. You can open up your capacity to RECEIVE and MAINTAIN great wealth and you can see a huge shift in 30 days!


How do I know this? Because I am living proof that this works. There is a formula to being able to receive and maintain large sums of money and it is EASY to replicate.  After I saw my own results I showed this formula to friends and even to some sceptical family members who didn't believe it would work but it did! I'd discovered a formula that was tried and true and so, so simple. I then later started to share this process with my own clients and the same results transpired again and again and again!! It blew my mind. All these years I’d been struggling with money to then see it transform almost overnight was mind blowing and honestly quite emotionally exhilarating!


If you feel like you’ve tried everything to change your relationship with money, are you open to giving it one last shot, because I promise you it will be worth it.

"Ok so how is this programme different than everything else you’ve seen out there?"


We’re gonna take it allllll the way back to where your first money paradigm began.

Maybe you’ve been watching multiple content creators telling you how to shift your money story by manifesting but here you still are having an anxiety attack when you get a notification from your bank or you receive a bill in the mail.

Manifesting alone doesn’t fix the root cause of your money worries. Once you fix the root cause and open up your bodies ability to receive. EVERYTHING changes.

I purposely made this programme a bargain you cannot beat for the value packed inside because I know when I was living in scarcity and lack and I’d see a wealth coach tell me they could help me make more money but the cost of entry was $497, $997, $1997 or more I’d feel like a complete failure.

As women we’ve been taught to hustle and grind to bring in significant wealth.  Well I'm here to tell you, THEY LIED. There is a much easier, softer and sustainable way and I'm here to guide you through it… 

In this 30 day programme you will learn.... 

  • The root cause of your money block and how to shift it.
  • The power your nervous system has over your subconscious and conscious brain and how to rewire and regulate it in your favour. 
  • How FIGHT, FLIGHT, FREEZE and FAWN survival stress responses stop you from making money and keep you in scarcity and lack and how to change them.
  • How to craft and record your own powerful subliminal audios for free to get even more specific to you and your own PERSONAL MONEY STORY and extend it to cater to all areas of your life.
  • How to use your feminine energy to become OPEN to RECEIVE with ease and flow.


Whats Included....


  • A POWERFUL and TRANSFORMATIVE breathwork and meditation audio for you to listen to and participate in daily to shift your money identity. This powerful breathwork practice is quite literally LIFE CHANGING!!
  • 25 daily somatic practices to release your body out of fight,flight, freeze or fawn and become open to RECEIVE and MAINTAIN wealth.
  • A potent money rampage script for you to listen to/repeat daily.
  • EFT tapping script to release resistance and transform your old money paradigm 
  • 30 day powerful scripting journal specifically designed to rewire your neural pathways  
  • A 1 hour subliminal money audio to rewire your subconscious story about money 
  • Embodiment exercise to open you up to receive.



Financial freedom is possible at any age! If it hasn't worked for you before, you now know you were armed with the wrong tools and missing KEY ELEMENTS of the formula. Commit to this program for 30 days, REGULATE AND REWIRE YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM and you'll be amazed at how dramatically your life can change.


Learn the tools to REWIRE your subconscious into an abundant mindset and shift your entire identity. The soft life is closer than you think!


See you on the other side! xx 

Please note: Due to the digital nature of this product, we regret that refunds cannot be provided.


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