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CONGRATULATIONS you’re about to change your life forever!   


This 12 week programme will quantum leap you into your desired reality at rapid speed. 

This proven formula will shift your self concept to your most empowering and magnetic self. Things happen QUICKLY when you apply the correct formula.

Manifestation isn’t magical woo woo it’s simply rewiring the neural pathways of your brain to perceive the world around you differently.

It’s time to BREAK THE STIGMA that it takes years to manifest. When you follow the correct method what could have taken months, years; for some even decades, can suddenly take weeks, even days!


  • You’ve tried everything. The affirmations, the meditations the journalling. Maybe you've even read all the books from the greats such as Neville Goddard, Joe Dispenza etc buuuut nothings changed.
  • You’re stuck in a rut and can’t seem to get out of the victim state.
  • Your love life is non existent or it has more plot twists than a bad soap opera.
  • Your bank balance seem to be playing a continuously disturbing game of hide and seek.
  • You KNOW you’re meant for more but just can’t seem to get out of your own way.
  • You find yourself watching multiple different content creators to finally find the answer to that “one” thing you're missing for your manifestation to arrive but it never comes…


So whats missing?


You need to follow a system that actually works. A daily practice that you can easily follow and implement. While many people understand the principles of manifesting and there's plenty of free information online about shifting your self-concept in your love life, health, and money, but have you noticed that for the majority of people they never seem to get what they actually want?

It's because they don't have a strategy that works!

In this programme you will learn why your current life is the way it is and how to shift it FOR GOOD! You will be guided through a specific format to rewire your nervous system and mind through breath work, meditation, neural reprogramming, subconscious reprogramming  and Matrix Reimprinting.


Manifestation often gets labeled as "woo woo" when people discuss concepts like quantum jumping or shifting realities. This doesn't actually mean you physically jumping from your crappy reality to a new sparkly one. It just means shifting the energy within you so the world you perceive outside of you shifts to match your new dominant energetic state.  Everything you're currently experiencing in your life is just a reflection of what you're dominantly radiating. Everything around you is an aspect of you. It's being drawn to you, matching the most dominant state you're emitting. So when you work on changing your state of being despite what your current 3D reality is showing you, your 3D reality MUST eventually change, it's simple physics.

This is the programme that will make you do the work even on the bad days, when you feel like shit and everything feels hopeless.

Even when your five senses cannot perceive any possible way for your desire to materialise, this program teaches you how to show up and do the work regardless. We do not create from our five senses, which belong to our 3D reality; we create from our 4D reality.

Understanding how to manifest isn't enough; transformation requires your daily active participation. Just as watching a YouTube video of someone doing sit-ups won't give you a toned torso, having all the knowledge about manifesting without putting it into daily practice won't yield results.


In this 375 page programme you will finally understand how your mind and body works on a neurological and physical level. Why all your previous attempts at manifesting and changing have failed and how to finally shift into your desired reality for good. 

You will delve into the subtle ways your mind and body have been steering your life without your awareness, and discover how to CHANGE and REWIRE them.

You will do a self-assessment all the way back to your childhood to find the root cause of your limiting beliefs and the core wound behind it be it,rejection, abandonment, humiliation, betrayal or injustice. You will then learn how to REWIRE these beliefs.

You will dive deep into your self concept when it comes to....

  • How you view yourself and how you believe others interact with you.
  • Love and Relationships
  • Money and Success
  • Health and Wellness



  • Powerful daily breathwork and meditation practice audio 

  • Subliminal reprogramming audio to rewire your subconscious

  • Kaleidoscope video 'Mind Movie' to rewire your neural pathways

  • Highly effective EFT tapping scripts for the main pillars of your life to rewire your mind and body and release resistance

  • Matrix Reimprinting exercise to reprogramme your past core wounds

  • Delete and change the root cause of your blocks and rewire your mind and body for good!!


  • 12 week morning and evening journalling programme to rewire the subconscious with daily practices plus weekly and monthly check in's! 

This programme is divided into three parts. You begin with the Manifest Method which covers the neuroscience behind manifesting and explores how your mind functions. The Body Method explains how your nervous system and subconscious mind collaborate to shape your reality, along with exercises to counteract limiting patterns. Finally, there is a 12-week journaling and practice program for you to complete each morning and evening.

Are you ready to learn how to make peace with your current reality, even when it doesn't align with your desires? Your current reactions and triggers are what is blocking your new desired story from unfolding. Are you still being triggered by the old story? The ex, your lack of funds, poor health diagnosis, don't have the body, the career or lifestyle you desire yet?  By mastering the art of remaining unfazed by your present circumstances and focusing solely on your new story, you effectively become a MAGNET for everything you desire, winning the game of life.

You can’t complain and focus on the lack in your life and expect to get what you desire!

Your desires are waiting for YOU to shift so they can come to you. 

This programme teaches you how to get into alignment and stay there!

Manifesting is a simple formula. All that is required is your active, daily participation. 

Within the first week you will feel the shift.

Second week your confidence will be at 1000%

Then from the third week onwards you’re on a home run. When you finally understand your entire world is just yourself pushed out you will respond to everything with.....I KNOW IT'S MINE, IT'S DONE AND NOTHING CAN STOP ME!





Let’s go get it!! 


Please note: Due to the digital nature of this product, we regret that refunds cannot be provided.

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